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1971- Born in Baia Mare (northern Transylvania). At that time, the town was one of the most polluted in the world, due to the proximity of gold and lead industry.

1978-1986 grade school
I was a performance swimmer, trained in the Romanian communist manner (huge effort - no food). Average achievements, some diplomas and medals in national cups and championships.

1986-1990 high school
I was appointed as chief of the communist youth organization of the college. As they gave me an office, I used it to skip classes sleeping there. I spent the 1989 revolution in bed. After this I was elected to represent students in the college board and refused.

1990 leaved Baia Mare for Bucharest

1990 -1995
I studied Geology at Bucharest University. In 1992 I was also accepted by the University of Architecture and I studied there for one year. During this period I started to take pictures and a friend encouraged me to go study at the Film University.

1995 - 1996 for six months I attended the required military duty and I liked it. Then I worked as a geologist in a gold mine next to Baia Mare, took pictures.

1996 – 2000 Film University
In 1998 I started to work for magazines and advertising as a photographer. In 1999 my daughter, Sasa, was born. I graduated in 2000, with a cinematographer diploma. During this time I continued to take pictures while shooting short movies for school. One of them “An invitation to lunch” won Palm Spring Film Festival for shorts in 2000 and was taken into consideration for the Academy Awards nomination.

2000 – 2013
I worked as fashion and advertising photographer, as well as cinematographer. I was assigned for magazines like ELLE, FHM, ESQUIRE and many others, working especially fashion and portrait. I also have shot advertising campains for clients as big as the first 3 big corporates coming in your mind. I worked as cinematographer for music videos. I have shot more then 50 videos for main bands and singers in Romania (they were not so good, both the singers and the videos). At the same time I worked for personal projects and participate in some shows and exhibitions. I shot some shorts and long movies. In 2005 I founded a small agency, “Umbrela” which was the first agency representing photographers in Romania.

In 2009 I shot a long movie, “The Belly of The Whale”, for some friends. This was a home made movie and was in some big festivals like Locarno and Toronto.

In 2011 I started to swim again and to draw.

Selected exhibitions:
- 2013 – “Hidden Stories” – H’art gallery Bucharest
- 2009 – “Hidden Stories” – Basel Art Fair – Volta, represented by H’art Gallery
- 2008 – “Transported People” – photography, sound installation – Madrid, Photoespagna Festival, ICR Gallery –solo show
- 2007 – “exhibitions” – photography, installation – Bucharest, “H’art Gallery” – solo show
- 2002 – “Expozitie” – photography – Bucharest, “Central University Library Gallery” – personal exhibition
- 1999 – “Bucharest as pieces” – photography – Bucharest, National Museum of Art – personal exhibition