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- exhibitions #02 ,2007, black and white lambda print, 150/100cm

I've started to work on this project at the beginning of my freelancer career. I was amazed by the effort that other people and myself were making in order to draw up a cv. We were choosing a few special moments of our lives and slipping over the rest. That was what we wanted others to know about us.
I asked several people to create nude self-portraits. To photograph themselves in the way they want others to see them.
The life size prints of these pictures were set up in an installation that was imposing too small a distance between the photos and the watchers to offer a general view.
Fifty people have photographed themselves for this project. Some of them were friends of mine, others had heard about and wanted to take part into it.
Out of a camera and a mirror I built some kind of device in the studio. Standing in a certain place, the people were able to see in the mirror the exact image that the camera was seeing. They were alone and had unlimited time to take the photos.